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What Perry Noble’s admission says about mental illness, stigma and church

What’s fascinating (from a psychiatrist’s perspective) about Perry’s experiences is the progression he went through over a period of years in his attitudes regarding mental illness and what they may have to say about levels of stigma in the church related to mental health treatment. Continue reading

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One Family’s Journey in the Bible Belt…guest post from Stephanie Prosser

Stephanie offered to share her family’s story with our readers. It serves as a stark reminder that while great strides are being made in opening more churches to families of kids with special medical, behavioral, emotional and developmental needs, there continue to be cities of substantial size here in the U.S. where families impacted by disability have nowhere to go on Sunday mornings if they wish to worship as a family. Here’s Stephanie… Continue reading

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A great night at Parkside Church!

I came away from our time last night impressed with the need for church leaders seeking to serve families impacted by disability to have someone to whom they can turn for practical advice and support when they experience challenges related to inclusion. It’s my hope that those serving in the field will feel confident turning to Key Ministry for that advice and support. Continue reading

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Updated…Why your kid’s Concerta hasn’t been working lately

Based on an analysis of data, FDA has concerns about whether or not two approved generic versions of Concerta tablets (methylphenidate hydrochloride extended-release tablets), used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children, are therapeutically equivalent to the brand-name drug. Continue reading

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Introducing Nils Smith…our featured presenter for Inclusion Fusion in March

Nils will be engaging in a wide-ranging discussion on the topic “Is Online Christian Community Really Community?” As part of our discussion, Nils will discuss how churches may use their existing online resources to minister to families of kids with disabilities. Continue reading

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Barriers to inclusion…What if nobody knows the kid needs help?

Our existing disability ministries typically do a very good job of meeting the needs of families of children easily identifiable physical disabilities, or obvious weaknesses weaknesses in intellectual capacity or adaptive functioning. But what happens when the disability isn’t so obvious? Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion returns on March 6…

In addition to our online Summit in November, Inclusion Fusion will be offered as a monthly disability ministry symposium on the first Thursday of each month with a focus on either one headline speaker or one topic of interest to those involved with the disability ministry movement. Continue reading

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A success story from my church…

I saw the following story in my church bulletin this morning and wanted to share it to remind everyone how much of a difference inclusion ministry done well can make in the lives of the families served. Kudos to Beth Golik and her crew at Bay Presbyterian Church for a job well done! Continue reading

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Can you keep a secret?

We’re doing a beta test tonight of a disability ministry training platform that will allow us to prerecord video training that will be accompanied by the availability of live chat with the presenters who developed the training. Continue reading

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Sensory processing as a barrier to “doing church”

Ministry environments that some kids find engaging may be experienced as noxious by children with heightened reactivity to sensory stimulation. Let’s consider the range of potential situations that would present challenges to families of kids with sensory processing difficulties. Continue reading

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