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Five reasons why you need to come to Inclusion Fusion Live

I’d like to share five compelling reasons why you need to block out the first weekend in April to join us in Cleveland to celebrate what God is doing in the field of disability ministry. Continue reading

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Welcoming our new teammate…Beth Golik

Beth Golik is joining our team as our new ministry coordinator. Continue reading

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Connecting with the Community: Stepping Outside the Church to Grow Your Ministry

Recently, our church was the first host site for a Guinness World Record attempt for creating the world’s largest fingerprint painting aimed at raising awareness for playgrounds that are accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.
Continue reading

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I’m so encouraged to see so many people from throughout our home region willing to spend a day examining how we can more effectively welcome kids, families and adults impacted by disability into our churches. Continue reading

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TWO disability ministry training events in Northeast Ohio in February…

We’d like to invite our friends across the Midwest and Great Lakes region to join us on February 6-7 for TWO major disability ministry training events in Northeast Ohio. Continue reading

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Winding down Inclusion Fusion…

We’ll be featuring Joni’s Keynote video, Colleen’s interview with Joni and Ken Tada that many registrants missed last night, and presentations from Mike Woods, Emily Colson and Beth Golik. If you have a question about special needs/disability ministry, bring it. If you’re a parent/caregiver and you want to chat about your experience of church, c’mon in. We’ll be hanging out until approximately 10 PM Eastern. Continue reading

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Five Tips for Special Needs Ministry Leaders…Beth Golik

Here are five tips and techniques that, in my experience, are key to get you started and keep you moving and growing. Continue reading

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A success story from my church…

I saw the following story in my church bulletin this morning and wanted to share it to remind everyone how much of a difference inclusion ministry done well can make in the lives of the families served. Kudos to Beth Golik and her crew at Bay Presbyterian Church for a job well done! Continue reading

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