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Creating Mental Health Ministry in a Local Church – A Year in the Life

If you think mental health ministry is something your church should consider, just start the conversation. If your church is like most, the pastors and staff are already aware of mental health needs in your faith community. Prayerfully consider if Jesus isn’t asking you to step up and reach out to the ones who can’t reach out for themselves. Continue reading

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Wildflower…a conversation starter for the church on trauma and mental illness

The film’s producers are partnering with Key Ministry and other mental health organizations to help bring awareness to these issues and to help lead individuals struggling with mental illness and trauma, along with their loved ones, to the resources and assistance they need to lead as full and healthy a life as possible. Continue reading

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Five steps churches can take to help persons with depression

Editor’s note: Today’s post from Gillian Marchenko is co-authored by Gillian’s husband (Sergei), a pastor for eleven years and husband to a wife with major depressive disorder for over a decade. As a couple in ministry and a family who … Continue reading

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Joe Padilla…5 Steps to the Rise of Mental Health Support in the Church

Mental health community support in the church is on the rise and this changes the whole game! As we see more and more influential church leaders share their personal or family experience, the conversation is beginning to take shape in the church. We’re beginning to see a turning of the tide. Continue reading

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Is mental illness a disability?

Why wouldn’t we expect people with the most common cause of disability in the U.S. to be served by our existing disability ministries? My colleague is absolutely right…they’re NOT. Why not? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Continue reading

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What if Mom is depressed?

But for the sake of this discussion, it appears that in examining depression as a specific disability, regular involvement of either the child or the parent with depression at church not only produces spiritual benefits, but actually helps reduce the risk for the condition itself. Continue reading

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Obstacles Families Face in Finding Mental Health Care For Kids

Parents of kids with significant mental health disorders frequently experience great frustration in negotiating the confusing maze that constitutes our system of mental health care in many communities across the U.S., along with the yet more confusing (intentionally?) system of paying for needed care. Quite frequently, pastors and ministry leaders are trusted resources to parents of children or teens in crisis, and my own professional society encourages parents who are looking for help for their kids to seek recommendations from their spiritual leaders. This post seeks to help ministry leaders better appreciate common challenges families face in finding the proper help for their kids, and offer some resources to share with parents looking for help.
Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Why is effective mental health care for kids so hard to find?

Reflecting upon these observations, one barrier to kids receiving effective mental health care is that parents often lack an appreciation of the standard of care they should expect for their children. Another barrier is that many parents don’t know the right questions to ask to ensure that their kids get the treatment they need. Parents may be intimidated by the prospect of questioning professionals about their child’s care, especially when access to other qualified professionals is limited by geography or finances. An additional reality is that too many professionals treating kids aren’t especially competent or effective, but continue because the need is so great and alternatives are scarce in many communities.
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Resources for Churches on Mental Illness

Barb invited me to share some resources that might be of help to church staff, pastors and volunteers who desire to minister more effectively to families impacted by mental illness. Here are five organizations worth checking out… Continue reading

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