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Approaching your child’s physician about medication for church activities

In a nutshell, it should be possible to find a solution for church for kids who benefit from medication at school. Continue reading

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Is it OK for churches to NOT have an identified disability ministry?

Your church doesn’t have to have a disability ministry to “do” disability ministry. Continue reading

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Announcing Inclusion Fusion 2012!

I’m pleased to announce that Key Ministry’s Second Annual Inclusion Fusion Disability Ministry Web Summit has been scheduled for November 12-16, 2012.
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Key Ministry at the NACC and Group KidMin Conferences

Congratulations to Harmony and Katie for the honor of having been invited to present at two such prominent conferences! We’re excited by the opportunity to further disseminate Key Ministry’s free training, resources and support to new friends we’ll meet through those conferences for the purpose of helping churches to more effectively minister to kids with disabilities and their families. Continue reading

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Key Ministry Contributes to New Resource From Christianity Today

Our team at Key Ministry is pleased to have been invited to contribute to a new resource developed for Special Needs Ministry volunteers by the folks at Christianity Today, offered through their Building Church Leaders website.
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Continuing a father’s legacy…

While my dad wasn’t around for as long as I would have hoped, we had the opportunity to work together on activities that helped advance the Gospel. But what about families who don’t know Jesus because of the social isolation and barriers to church participation that result when one or more children in the family experience a significant disability? Continue reading

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If Not Special Needs Ministry, What Should We Call It?

All things considered, I would favor the terms disability ministry or disability inclusion to describe the ministry our team resources and supports in churches. My hope in initiating this discussion is to spark leaders in the church to see a bigger game. The population of families who have children with what we’ve traditionally referred to as “hidden disabilities” is enormously larger than the population who have children with the physical or intellectual disabilities that come to mind in association with the term special needs. Most children’s pastors have all they can handle to serve families of kids with special needs and our team makes a practice of meeting churches wherever they’re at. But I’ll continue to communicate in a manner that constantly reminds us of the need to address the obstacles that prevent kids with less visible disabilities and their families from fully participating in the life of the church.
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Innovations: St. Gabriel’s Church…The “One Day Voyage” with Amanda Mooney

I had 2 great surprises during our first One Day Voyage. The first was that, even more important than the event itself, was what offering it said to families. It let them know that we cared about everyone in our Parish and community and that we wanted them to be with us! They were so appreciative that we would offer something like this for no other reason than because we cared! Continue reading

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Risky Rise of the Good Grade Pill…or New York Times Hatchet Job?

In addition to smearing the reputations of kids attending elite private high schools and casting doubts upon the legitimacy of their academic accomplishments, the author of the story relies completely upon anecdote in using the platform offered by one of our “newspapers of record” in propagating misinformation that leads parents to unnecessarily fear seeking help for teens who are struggling academically…and often emotionally. Continue reading

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Is “Special Needs” Acceptable People First Language?

I think there’s considerable risk that kids who become aware of being served through a “special needs ministry” would feel hurt and offended. I think there’s a minimal risk that parents who are currently outside the church might avoid involving kids in a “special needs ministry” because of assumptions their child would be treated differently. But why should the church run the risk of using language that might present an additional barrier to families of kids with disabilities connecting with their larger family in Christ through the local church? Continue reading

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