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Inviting our friends and neighbors to the party…

Is it wrong when we choose to withhold Jesus from the people whose paths we cross? Continue reading

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When You’re Living Someone Else’s Worst Case Scenario

When meeting a mom whose son had just been diagnosed with autism, Sandra realized her life was this woman’s worst case scenario. Continue reading

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The anger elephant…

I have seen more special-needs dads destroyed by their inability to let go of anger than perhaps anything else. Continue reading

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Do You Feel Like You’ve Achieved Dr. Mom Status?

Barb shares personal phases of study and comprehension to raising our children with challenges. Are you a Dr. Mom? Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…Embracing the brokenness with unconditional love

God has created and equipped you to become the warrior, protector, provide, encourager, and equipper for your children and your family too. Continue reading

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We had no casseroles…

My daughter, when she was thirteen was hit by a car and fortunately was fine, except for a very bad broken leg. The church organized a brigade of casserole makers, the neighbors brought casseroles, friends, families, everybody. Six months before that, Christina had spent two months on a psychiatric ward, and we had no casseroles. And I’m not blaming the church or the neighbors or anything…because of the stigma, we didn’t tell people. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Sandra Peoples and Her Mission

But around the book grew a tribe. A community who loves and supports each other. Who teaches and encourages. Who rejoices and mourns. My community. My ministry. Continue reading

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Share Your Resolution So You Get Help and God Gets Glory

“What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” It’s that time again. Everyone is asking. Some of us ignore them. Some of us have different ones every year. And some of us, who shall remain nameless, have the same one lose weight year after year. In the … Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…How do you overcome becoming a vacant dad?

But there is another type of vacant dad. And he is just as dangerous and as likely to occur. That’s the dad who is still in the household, but he is not engaged, he’s not involved, and he’s not actively fulfilling his roles and responsibilities to his family. He’s a vacant dad too. And he’s just as guilty as the dad who walks out on his family. He’s walked out as well, in every way but physically.
Continue reading

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What is child abuse: Definitions, signs, and symptoms

Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect isn’t rare, even if we wish it were. This matters. Continue reading

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