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Why the church and the mental health system should work together

Churches provide services and support to a large segment of the population who would otherwise increase demands on the mental health system. At the same time, mental health professionals and leaders have an interest in seeing that the care provided by churches is of high quality and meets the needs of those being served.  Continue reading

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Spiritual growth in kids…what does the research say?

What steps would I take as a parent if I want to increase the likelihood that my kids are going to grow up to be mature Christians, actively engaged in a local church and using their gifts and talents in serving others? Continue reading

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Looking at the Lifeway/Focus on the Family mental illness study as a peer reviewer would…

In examining and interpreting the study for our readers, I thought it would be most helpful going forward to put on my “old hat” as a reviewer and offer insight into how the folks who sit where I sat might think about the Focus/Lifeway study…
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Focus on the Family, Lifeway avoid the tough questions about mental illness…

Here’s my most significant criticism of this survey…they didn’t ask the right questions! Continue reading

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Ed Stetzer is dead-on about mental illness and Christians…now what?

Sadly, I can’t help but conclude that in our desire as church to avoid the influence of anti-Biblical worldviews foundational to some treatment orientations employed in the mental health community and worldviews held by the vast preponderance of mental health practitioners…we’ve forgotten to love the people experiencing mental illness and contributed to needless suffering by millions of Christ followers and their families.
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The unchurched…Churches don’t welcome people with mental illness

We likely have a minimum of 25 million adults with mental illness who don’t attend church. If the majority of those 25 million adults believe they won’t be welcomed at church, WE HAVE A REALLY BIG PROBLEM.
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