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Inclusion Fusion 2012…and more

Our long-term plan is for the Inclusion Fusion site to evolve into a FREE, online video training library that will reflect best practices for churches seeking to minister with children and adults with a broad range of special needs and their families.
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Book Review…Different Dream Parenting

Jolene Philo’s book is an invaluable help to parents and caregivers seeking to do their very best to serve their child with special needs. Her book can serve as an “adjunct left brain” when the emotions and decisions parents need to process become too much to handle. Continue reading

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Counting Our Blessings!

Our team at Key Ministry (and me personally) have lots to be thankful for in 2011! In the last ten days, we had our major Board meeting for the year and an opportunity to plan ahead in earnest for 2012. In the process of working on our Annual Report, I decided to develop a list of the top ten ministry-related blessings we’ve experienced in the past year. This was a great exercise-I had a very hard time choosing just ten. God’s been exceedingly gracious to us over the past year! Here goes…
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An Early Christmas Present for Key Ministry…And The Churches We Serve

I’m very pleased to announce that our friend and colleague Harmony Hensley will be taking on a greatly expanded role with Key Ministry in 2012 and beyond.

Harmony has felt called to take on a newly created position of Director of Ministry Advancement. She’ll be assuming a role on our core ministry team alongside Rebecca Hamilton and Katie Wetherbee.
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Lessons For Church Leaders in “Medication Nation”

This past Friday, we looked at statistics from Medco Health Solutions demonstrating that more than one in five U.S. adults (and more than one in four women) take medication on a regular basis for a mental health condition. The percentage of the U.S. population taking psychotropic medication has increased 22% in the last ten years. Today, I’ll share a few thoughts on why church leaders should care about the data.
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How Many Kids (and Parents) are Taking Medication?

More than one in five adult residents of the U.S. currently take medication for a mental health disorder, including more than one in four women. More boys than girls are on medication, but the rate of increase in the use of medication is greater in girls than boys. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion…What’s Next?

From the comments we’ve received thus far and the many chats and discussions that took place during the conference, our team has sensed a clear consensus that Inclusion Fusion shouldn’t just be a once a year thing. Our team wants to build upon the energy and momentum generated by the Web Summit. Some have suggested periodic (monthly-quarterly) mini-conferences focused upon a topic of interest in special needs ministry coupled with lots of opportunity for interaction between speakers and participants. If we were to do that, some ideas we’re kicking around include…
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Check Out Kidmin Leaders

For some time now, our team at Key Ministry has been very intentional in seeking to build collaborations and relationships with leaders in the children’s and youth ministry communities. One of our newest relationships is with GJ Farmer’s website, Kidmin Leaders. We’re going to be contributing features to the site on a twice-monthly basis for the purpose of resourcing children’s pastors and key volunteers to more effectively minister to kids with hidden disabilities and their families. Continue reading

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A Special Announcement About Inclusion Fusion

ACCESS TO INCLUSION FUSION TALKS AND DOWNLOADS NOW EXTENDED THROUGH SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd! Chuck Swindoll and more than twenty-five ministry leaders came together on November 3rd-7th as part of a Special Needs Ministry Web Summit for church staff, volunteers, family members and caregivers everywhere. Inclusion Fusion is a Key Ministry event, presented FREE OF CHARGE with the support of Pajama Conference. Register here for access to the video archives of the Summit!
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Inclusion Fusion…Suggestions for Parents

Most ministry conferences our Key Ministry team has participated in have been developed by and for church staff or highly committed volunteers. We wanted parents and caregivers to be meaningful participants in Inclusion Fusion and to access speakers and presentations that addressed their concerns and interests. We hope we accomplished both goals this year. Here are a few presentations that I think will be of special interests to parents and caregivers of persons with special needs…
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