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Three simple words

Editor’s note: Jeff Davidson will be serving as our guest contributor to the blog in December, January and February. Jeff is the Founder and President/CEO of Rising Above Ministries, a national special needs ministry serving special needs families, and is … Continue reading

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What’s the data about special needs and abortion?

I do think we can say that babies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are nearly twice more likely to be aborted than others. That’s tragic. Continue reading

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Fall training events from Key Ministry

We want to give our followers a sneak preview of events planned for Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky this coming Fall… Continue reading

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“I Can’t Do This!”: Facing Your Limitations as a Special-Needs Parent

As you face difficult situations in parenting your child with social, emotional or behavioral challenges or disabilities, remember that none of this is a surprise to God and that He has a plan and purpose for you and your child as you struggle. Continue reading

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Hopeful, Trusting, Confident and Calm…Karen Crum

When I was actively listening to God’s directions, I was able to relax and feel so much more internal confidence and peace as a parent. I learned that many things will not will work according to my plans and timing, but I know that God is in control and that I can trust and hope in Him to lead “my pack”. Continue reading

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Steve AND Shannon will be presenting at #GlobalAccess2015

Shannon will be leading a workshop on The Special Needs of Foster and Adoptive Families and leading a roundtable discussion on What are some practical implications of the verse “Blessed are the nations whose God is the Lord?”
Continue reading

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He won’t remember: Children and PTSD…Jolene Philo

But very few churches talk about the babies, special needs babies, who also suffer from PTSD. Because we don’t want to believe they feel pain. Very few churches talk about children already traumatized before birth or children traumatized by direct or observed trauma.
Because we good church people don’t want to believe they remember.
Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches

At first, it was difficult coming to terms with laying down my dreams. Like any special-needs dad, it’s hard emotionally to reach the point where you realize the dreams, goals, and plans you had for your child aren’t going to happen the way you hoped. But whose dream was it anyway? It wasn’t God’s dream. Continue reading

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A look at who we serve…

Having a family member with special needs affects church attendance in the following ways: 46% have troubles attending church; 28% don’t attend or have given up attending; 11% of families attend services separately, with one parent staying home to manage the child while the other heads to church; 15% said they had no troubles with church attendance. Continue reading

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Any parents of kids with disabilities interested in an online small group?

Dr. Steve Grcevich recently contacted me with the idea of offering an online format for parent support via videoconferencing. This is a great opportunity to offer a community of support to parents who otherwise would not have access via a more traditional face to face group Continue reading

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