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Downloadable presentations on Slideshare

We now have downloadable handouts on the site for 26 presentations, including the following Key Ministry presentations…
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Key Ministry is coming to Nashville!

Our J.A.M. sessions are regional trainings designed for children’s pastors, student pastors, church leaders and key volunteers. This J.A.M. session will provide participants with an intensive, one-day training experience that will prepare them to lead ministry to kids with “hidden disabilities” in their churches. Continue reading

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How do you measure a “God thing?”

While there is merit to many of our outcome measures, the most reliable measures of God at work are the stories of what God accomplishes through the service of His people. Continue reading

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If we can include Isaac…

Parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice a Christian education in order for their kids to get the specialized academic instruction they need. And we’re going to introduce you to some folks who can help! Continue reading

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Talking to your child’s physician about medication for church

If the activities our kids participate in through church are at least as important as what they do at school, it makes sense that we’d want to reassess their need for medication at church. Continue reading

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A milestone reached…and a look at what’s ahead

We need a forum for advancing the conversation within the church about the need to minister more effectively to families of children with mental illness, trauma and developmental disabilities. Continue reading

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Ten priorities for the disability ministry movement…

Here are some thoughts about how, with God’s help, God’s people might overcome the “giants” standing in the way of families impacted by disabilities who face barriers to connecting with their larger family in Christ through involvement in the local church. Continue reading

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Church transitions and kids with disabilities

Transition times all too often result in kids and families falling away from church programming. With a little understanding of how transitions may impact kids with specific disabilities and some advance planning, church staff, volunteers and parents can help most have positive experiences as they progress into their age-appropriate ministry environments at the start of the new program year. Continue reading

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If this were your kid…

I’ll try to share some general answers to the “If this were your kid” question pertaining to medication on the basis of diagnosis and clinical presentation. Continue reading

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When should we question if our child is getting the right treatment?

There’s an opportunity cost to ineffective treatment. If treatment is not helping, it’s probably hurting…if it’s preventing your child from having access to a more effective treatment.
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