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I wonder how we miss the obvious…Jeff McNair

We walk by, seemingly acting if we don’t know who our neighbor is. Continue reading

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The “missing” Inclusion Fusion presentation…and more!

Our friends at Insight for Living put together a fabulous discussion between Chuck Swindoll, his daughter Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and Steve Fischer entitled Transforming the Soul-What We Didn’t Learn in Seminary. Continue reading

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Barb Newman…Why is inclusion important in Christian Schools?

What, then, does inclusion look like? At CLC Network, we believe it means ownership and friendship. The general education classroom “owns” the student with the disability and each student is assigned a place of belonging within the general education setting. Continue reading

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Surrendering to help…Barb Dittrich

A person can take all the drugs they want, and that won’t magically make their problems disappear. But the medication has been like a ladder to help me climb out of a deep, dark, impossible hole.

I had to humble myself before I could be lifted up. I had to admit my inability to solve this problem on my own.
Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…Help Wanted

I wish the 30-year old dad of the newborn son I once was could have known the 47-year old dad of a sixteen year old son with special needs that I am now. I could say, “Listen I’ve been where you are. Your life didn’t just end. In fact, this is only the beginning of the most amazing ride of your life. God is going to teach you and reveal things to you that you can’t even imagine.” Continue reading

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Families impacted by mental illness crave support from their church…

The study points out a crying need on the part of families impacted by mental illness for help and support through their local church to facilitate inclusion and spiritual growth. Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”: Things every kids need…with or without disabilities

All of the needs listed above tend to be more acute for kids with disabilities and their siblings, and parents of kids with disabilities have fewer places to go outside of the church where they can receive help in meeting those needs. Continue reading

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Experiencing the God of hope in the prison of spiritual autism…Dave Lynden

Being the parent of a special needs child is often a journey of constant despair. You ache for the many things your child will probably never enjoy or experience. With autism, you pine for some kind of deeper connection that you know will always be impaired. Sometimes, it can feel like a kind of prison. But, in this small moment, I suddenly realized that God was taking my routines and trying to break through to connect with me. With this little crack in the wall, I could feel God burrowing through the walls of hopelessness with a small glimmer of a promised world renewed; of a deep blue Pacific Ocean, of a place where the bars and cement block walls that kept me away from my son and kept me away from my God would one day crumble to dust. Continue reading

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The Whispers of Hope…Dave Lynden

It seems as though God uses my own routines to insert little opportunities for me to break free from my spiritual autism and see true hope. I caught one of these moments while putting Micah to bed one evening. I caught another moment sitting in the living room just after tucking him and his siblings in for the night and watching one of my favorite movies…for the twelfth time. Continue reading

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Ten truths for parents of kids with autism…Colleen Swindoll-Thompson

Yet, in it all, I have more freedom, more joy, more hope because it is birthed and grown by the grace of my sovereign, faithful, good, unlimited God and Heavenly Father. Dear friend or parent, if I may offer you some rays of hope in the dark tunnel of autism, may our Lord be honored and your soul be filled with hope. Continue reading

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