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Coming Tuesday…the NEW

On Tuesday, September 4, we’ll launch our new and improved ministry website, loaded with features to empower, equip, and unleash ministry leaders to create an inclusive culture in the local church. Continue reading

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Can disabilities be disabling in some places, but not others?

What do we do when folks need accommodations in order to consistently attend church and participate in activities that facilitate spiritual growth but function relatively well at home, at work or in school? Continue reading

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I’m taking my talents to Houston…for the Faith and Disability Symposium

I’ll be doing two different presentations at the conference…Barriers to Spiritual Growth in Kids and Teens With Mental Disorders and Including Kids at Church Who Behave Aggressively Continue reading

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To My Child’s Teacher…Guest Blog from Brenda and Dan Maas

Brenda and I were talking about how difficult it is for a teacher to stretch beyond their “success” style and the challenge that the special needs student offers. She asked me to help her with encouraging her teachers on why its important to keep the big picture in mind when working with special needs students. The ideas turned into a letter from a parent to his child’s teachers. Continue reading

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“Why?”…Our Conference Theme for Inclusion Fusion 2012

Why? Why is it so important that churches become more intentional about welcoming and serving children and adults with disabilities? That’s our theme for Inclusion Fusion 2012…Key Ministry’s Second Annual Disability Ministry Web Summit. Continue reading

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Parenting with Purpose?

I’m surprised by how few Christian parents are intentional about parenting their kids with a plan for the challenges they’re going to face in the future. On the occasion of Ransom’s first birthday, and our two other paid staff (Rebecca Hamilton and Katie Wetherbee) taking their oldest kids to college for the first time this week, I thought it appropriate to repeat this post from last year… Continue reading

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Family ministry makes sense for families of kids with disabilities

A family ministry approach recognizes the centrality of parents God has uniquely positioned and qualified in His plan to share His love with kids who experience differences in emotions, behavior, learning style and communication. Continue reading

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Heart transplants and autism…should we fear the slippery slope?

Should we fear the “slippery slope?” When the ethicists responsible for laying down the principles for determining who will and won’t get access to medical treatment operate from a position of contempt for Christians (and other people of faith), we’ve already started careening down the hill. Continue reading

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What Pat Robertson should have said…

As a physician with a fair amount of experience in treating adopted children with emotional, behavioral and developmental disorders and a working knowledge of the Bible, allow me to suggest an alternate response to Mr. Robertson or any other Christ follower if a similar question comes up again. Continue reading

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Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God…from John Piper

In Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God, John Piper explores what the Bible has to say on the topic of disability. The book is intended to be a resource to assist church leaders everywhere confronted with difficult questions pertaining to disability, and to challenge the church to consider how we’re called to respond to persons with disabilities and their families.
Continue reading

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