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Five steps churches can take to help persons with depression

Editor’s note: Today’s post from Gillian Marchenko is co-authored by Gillian’s husband (Sergei), a pastor for eleven years and husband to a wife with major depressive disorder for over a decade. As a couple in ministry and a family who … Continue reading

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Could ADHD be a blessing to some Christians?

Is it possible that in God’s Kingdom, a condition that causes as much difficulty in day to day functioning as ADHD might actually provide one of His followers with an advantage? Let’s look at how having ADHD might be of benefit to a Christian.
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One in seven young children have a mental, behavioral or developmental disorder (MBDD). WHY?

The lack of a medical home and poor parental mental health were the two most critical risk factors for future development of MBDDs. Continue reading

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Wish you could go to church this Easter?

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Community Bible Church in San Antonio and Bay Presbyterian Church in Bay Village, OH we’ll have a number of LIVE and prerecorded, interactive worship experience that any family can join online this Easter weekend.
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I am not depression

But I know this for certain. My depression is the illness I fight, not my identity. I’m empowered to share more with others. I am comfortable asking for prayer. I am open about the scary, difficult parts of my mental health story. Continue reading

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Let’s be the people who show up on Saturday

But every adoption is born from some sort of Friday brokenness that meant the parents who bore a child couldn’t or wouldn’t raise him, so let’s own that part of the story too. Let’s own the Saturdays when the loss is heavy and come alongside those whose burdens feel crushing. Let’s not just celebrate with those who celebrate but also mourn with those who mourn.
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A kid first…AND it’s Down Syndrome Awareness Day

I know lots of mommas who don’t like sharing their kids’ disabilities with people because then some people will never look at their kids the same way after that disclosure. They will always view the child through disability-tinted glasses. Continue reading

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Seven things I learned from our first 1,000 blog posts…

On the occasion of our thousandth post, I’ll share the seven most important takeaways I’ve gained since starting this journey with you in the summer of 2010. Continue reading

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The societal ruin of the term ‘depression’ and other hurtful comments about mental illness

We regularly watch TV shows and movies that treat mental illness, and people who have such illnesses, as one big joke.
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Is it ever okay to exclude a child at church?

It’s not okay to exclude a child at church, but sometimes including them in the same way as every other child isn’t a common sense approach, either. Continue reading

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