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Mental Illness and Mass Murder: Reflections From a Christian…and a Psychiatrist

Efforts to address the danger present in our society through gun control or better mental health services represent futile attempts to employ collective defense mechanisms to assuage our anxieties and enable our avoidance of the real issue…there is evil in the world, NONE of us is good, and we as individuals and collectively as a society are powerless to do anything about it. Continue reading

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Speakers and Topics for Inclusion Fusion 2012

Here’s a current list of speakers committed to joining us for Inclusion Fusion 2012! Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Medication for Kids

We’re looking back at our ten most popular blog posts from 2012. Here’s #4… The widespread use of medication among children with mental health disorders is the ultimate “hot-button” topic in our field today. Undeniably, the use of such medications … Continue reading

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The Anxious Christian

I’m honored that Rhett Smith, the author of a very timely and thoughtful new book, The Anxious Christian: Can God Use Your Anxiety for Good? has agreed to be the subject of a three part guest interview that will be featured on the blog Continue reading

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Ritalin Gone Wrong? What’s a Parent to Believe?

Kids with ADHD don’t need stories in the news media unnecessarily fueling the fears of parents about the safety or effectiveness of medication they give to their kids struggling with a significant disability. Continue reading

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What Christians (and the church) can learn from Planned Parenthood

Why can’t Christians be as bold and confident in advancing our cause as the Planned Parenthood folks and other “progressive” organizations are in advancing theirs?
Continue reading

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Who Was Missing?

Christmas is one of two days during the year when families who are “cultural Christians” are most likely to check out church. This is a good thing. After all, the church is in business to share the Gospel and the … Continue reading

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How Dads are Impacted When Kids Have Disabilities

Last year, an interesting study was presented at the International Society For Autism Research suggesting that over 30% of fathers of teens and young adults with autism experience symptoms of depression significant enough to warrant clinical attention. Continue reading

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An open letter to the people of Bay Presbyterian Church

What a fabulous way to let families of kids with special needs know that this is a place where they too were wanted…where their presence mattered. When I became involved with other leaders from Bay Presbyterian Church in starting Key Ministry, my primary motivation was that I wanted other families to have the same opportunity to experience church that my family had. Mission Accomplished! Continue reading

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What Can Christians Learn From the Chick-Fil-A Boycott?

Jesus is eminently clear in his communication. If we as Christians identify with Jesus, seek to do His will and work to expand His Kingdom, we can expect others will…

Seek to destroy our reputation
Attempt to intimidate us and silence us
Use government authorities to try to stop us
Hate us Continue reading

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