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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Cara Daily

I’m very pleased to announce Cara will be joining us as a faculty member for Inclusion Fusion, speaking on the topic Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Tips for the Church. Continue reading

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Serving the King is the Noblest of Things…Laura Lee Wright

1 Peter 4:10, tells us, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another.” We teach our kids with disabilities from early on that service is a part of having a relationship with King Jesus! Some kids pray, others collect offerings, others attend service days and package food that will be eaten on the African continent! For others, their ministry is to be amongst us. For Kingdom Sake, how are you teaching others to serve? Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Jeff McNair

We’re pleased to announce Jeff will be presenting for Inclusion Fusion on the topic of Integration as a Core Value.

Jeff’s presentation will examine the critical, core value of integration of persons with disabilities to the local church. In particular, Jeff will outline how a radical approach to integration changes everything in terms of faith development for all church members, structures and programs, and the way people see each other. Recommendations will be provided as to how to make integration happen in the local church. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca will be sharing from her experience in the leadership of a large and growing respite ministry in her Inclusion Fusion presentation Starting a Respite Outreach at Your Church. Continue reading

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A Good Kind of Busy

I’ve had a “good” problem lately. While our team has been very busy in making preparations for Inclusion Fusion, lots of exciting things have been taking place for members of our team and our friends in other ministry organizations. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Jim Hukill

Jim Hukill has been a leader in the disability ministry movement before I became aware that there was a disability ministry movement. For the past fourteen years Jim has served as Executive Director of Lift Disability Network, the successor organization to the Christian Council on Persons With Disabilities. He was one of the first speakers to sign on for Inclusion Fusion. We’re pleased to announce that Jim will be speaking on the topic…Renovate: Transforming a Disability Movement.
Continue reading

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Kids With Aggressive Behavior at Church…How Can Parents Help?

Parents of kids at risk for aggressive behavior have responsibilities they should meet in order for everyone (their child, other children, volunteers and church staff) to have a God-honoring experience that promotes Kingdom building and spiritual growth. Here are four steps parents can take to help improve the likelihood their child will be safely and successfully included in church programming and activities… Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Connie Hutchinson

Connie Hutchinson has been a national figure in the disability ministry movement for many years. I’ve had the opportunity to see her speak at conferences where I’ve presented, and our team from Key Ministry has had the opportunity to work with her at a large, regional disability ministry event in Iowa in 2010. We’re very pleased that Connie has joined the roster for Inclusion Fusion 2011. She’ll be speaking on the topic “The Road to Independence.” Continue reading

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Kids With Aggressive Behavior…What’s it Like For Their Parents?

Bottom line…families of kids with maladaptive aggression have lots of needs. They need a welcoming church where they can grow spiritually so that they can fulfill their responsibilities as the primary faith trainers to their other children. They have relational needs. They need Christian community, but they also need time to build their relationships with one another. They also need a place where they feel accepted. Continue reading

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How Inclusion Fusion Will Work

Anyone who registers for the Web Summit will be able to access any presentation during Inclusion Fusion at any time during the conference. Each of the presentations has been video-recorded in advance. While many of our presenters will be available at designated times during the conference for live chats, their presentations will be available 24-7 during the three days of the conference. Continue reading

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