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Nice recognition for Key Ministry…and some of our friends!

Thanks to Tony Kummer and his crew at Ministry to Children for recognizing Church4EveryChild as one of the Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs (#15) for 2013!
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Do not lose heart…

Reading through your Facebook page and the other posts I thought this song might minister to parents and others. I don’t understand what your families must go through, however God has walked me through a life of continuous pain from different sources. This song has truly ministered to me and helped me to refocuse the purpose of it all.
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Key Ministry 2013…by the numbers

A look back at the 2013 ministry year from a statistical perspective Continue reading

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Drug company marketing ISN’T the cause of the ADHD epidemic

Is the ADHD epidemic really a product of drug company marketing, or is it a result of our culture and our educational system imposing expectations upon a large segment of our child and teen population that they’re not developmentally prepared to meet? Continue reading

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Christmas struggles for kids with mental health issues

Kids with common mental health conditions react to the holidays very differently than do adults. Today, we’ll look at three struggles common during Christmas break among the kids and families we serve, and suggest practical strategies for parents to minimize the impact of the holidays upon their children. Continue reading

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Nurturing spiritual growth in kids with anxiety…Inclusion Fusion Library

Rhonda discusses the unique spiritual needs of children who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder Social Phobia and Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder. Katie and Rhonda cover identification, accommodations and unique spiritual issues for each manifestation of anxiety from the church nursery to the high school youth group.
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Another good family experiences tragedy…

Given what we know about the lethality of mental illness in teens and young adults, it is absolutely essential for the church to make every possible effort to introduce those at risk to Jesus Christ and invite them to be part of a family of faith. Continue reading

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Pursuing those who Jesus loves…Key Ministry 2.0

Kids with disabilities, their siblings, and their families generally don’t experience the sense of being pursued. They’re not the first ones picked for teams on the playground. They’re not the kids who get invited to sleepovers or “play dates”. They’re not the recipients of the increasingly grandiose (and public) invitations to attend the prom. We’re going to help churches pursue them…and allow them to experience what it’s like to be pursued.
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Growing up with a sibling with special needs…Inclusion Fusion Library

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson asked her adult children to speak on the challenges siblings experience when a brother or sister experiences a disability. Siblings are often forgotten, judged, misunderstood, and suffer many challenges. Colleen’s children (Ashley, Austin and Cody) shared their experiences growing up with a brother with significant special needs. Continue reading

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